Match the dice with this addictive and unique gameplay. Four game modes with 'Classic' version included for free. Plan your strategy to save your last move on all the high values, or just swipe all the pairs. Occasionally, a rare x10 dice will appear but use it wisely on the high dice values. After each game, your score is saved on a local High Score list for you to compete again the next time. Great HD resolution graphics and fun music, you can play again and again.

Survive a HAUNTED CEMETERY through TEN levels of frightening bats, spiders, zombies & monsters! Discover power-ups that will keep you alive. Submit your HIGH SCORE to SCORELOOP and challenge your friends to try and beat you. Fun for Halloween or anytime year round. Choose from THREE difficulties EASY, MEDIUM, or HARD. Advance through this shooting gallery style game and meet up with the final boss monsters on the last level. Each level is unique looking and the sounds will keep you frightened!

10/26/2009 - Gamers Daily News gives Haunted Cemetery an 8.0.  "Haunted Cemetery puts you through ten levels of divebombing vampire bats, rattling skeletons, web-weaving spiders and shambling zombies. I like the cohesiveness of the whole presentation from the menus all the way through to the end. Very well done!"  Read the full article here.

10/16/09 - Appmodo selects Haunted Cemetery as #6 in the top ten best Halloween Games on iTunes. For the full article, click here.

Bug Eyed is a shooting-gallery style hillbilly game where you fight against MOSQUITOES, DRAGONFLIES, SPIDERS, ALLIGATORS and FROGS. The player uses the accelerometer to tilt on an X, Y and Z axis. Make sure you don't swat the FIREFLIES cuz they help you in the dark swamp. Armed with your FLYSWATTER, SLINGSHOT and FIREFLY JAR, you can compete with other HIGH SCORES through Scoreloop and challenge others as well. This game has attractive graphics and great sound effects. Includes 3 modes: EASY, MEDIUM and HARD which takes you through 10 levels, and a special mode called Dang Hard that includes 40 random levels!

CIRCUS ACTS is a fast action game of skill and balance and is fun for all ages. It includes 3 fast paced games in one. Play PYRAMID to save the falling trapeze artists and form a human pyramid. Play FIRED UP to catch your circus friends from a burning building. Play SHOOT'EM to practice your skills on a circus cannon. Try hitting the targets before the time runs out. Each game progresses harder as you try to compete for a high score! You can choose EASY, MEDIUM or HARD to match your skill level.